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The Boo Hag

Jokke * schrieb am 27. Dezember 2013 um 17:25 Uhr (3268x gelesen):

The Boo Hag
A terrifying entity is haunting the people of South Carolina. The Gullah people of this region have long said “
Don’t let de hag ride ya!” before they settle into bed for the night. This is the dreaded Boo Hag, a regional variant of the Old Hag, which is a vampirelike creature that sits on the chests of sleeping people. It then steals the victim’s lifeforce by causing terrifying nightmares.

The Boo Hag (also known as the Slip-Skin Hag) is an entity that is very similar to the Vampire of Central and Eastern European folklore (although whether she is a witch, a ghost, a demon, or a revenant of some kind is unclear). It is said that, like her counterpart (the Old Hag), she sits on the chests of her victims and “rides” them. During the attack, the Hag steals their breath (the
Spiritus Vitae,known as the “Breath of Life” or, put simply, the lifeforce). She is known to inhabit abandoned houses, which generally lie deep within the swamps of South Carolina that she calls home.