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re[2]: Schadenszauber
Jokke * schrieb am 9. Juni 2013 um 23:58 Uhr (3047x gelesen):

...Ja ich weiss...
aber ich brauche etwas ueber Mara direkt
Der Nachtalb ist ja auch männlich und Mara weiblich

Theresa Bane meint.......

Alp (ALP)
Variations: Alb, Alf, ALFEMOE, Alpdaemon,
Alpen, Alpes, Alpmann, APSARAS, BOCKSHEXE,
BOCKSMARTE, Cauquemare, Chauche Vieille,
Dochje, DOCKELE, Dockeli, Doggi, Druckerl,
DRUDE, Drut, Drutt, ELBE, Fraueli, Inuus, LEETON,
Lork, Maar, MAHR, Mahrt, Mahrte, Mar,

MARA, Mare, MART, Moor, Mora, Morous,
Mura, Murawa, Nachtmaennli, Nachtmahr,
Nachtmanndli, Nachtmannlein, Nachtmerrie,
Nachtschwalbe, Nachttoter, Nielop, Nightmare,
Night Terror, Old Hag, Quauquemaire, Racking
One, Ratzel, Schratlein, Schrattel, Schrattele,
Schratteli, Schrattl, Schrettele, Schrotle,
Schrotlein, Schrsttel, Stampare, Stampen,
Stampfen, Stempe, Sukkubus, Toggeli, Trampling,
Trempe, Trud, Trude, Trutte, Tryd, Tudd,
Vampyr, Walrider, Walriderske, Wichtel, and
numerous others through history and geographic

Originating from Germany, this vampiric
demon does not have a single true form. Throughout
the ages the only consistency in its description
is that it wears a white hat. Generally the
alp is male, and although there are a scant few
reports of it being female, it should be noted that
this creature has exceptional shape- shifting abilities.
An alp can assume the form of any animal
it pleases, but it prefers that of birds, cats, demon
dogs, dogs, pigs, and snakes. It is very strong,
can become invisible, can fly, and has the unique
ability to spit butterflies and moths from its
mouth. Because of its shape- shifting ability, the
alp has been linked to werewolf lore in the
Cologne, Germany, region (see GERMAN VAMPIRES).
Typically a demon is an infernal, immortal
being that was never human, but this is not the
case for the lecherous and ravenous alp. In fact, it
became what it is through one of a few fairly mundane
acts, such as when a newborn male child dies,
when a child whose mother went through a particularly
long and painful childbirth dies, or when
a family member dies and his spirit simply just returns
with no further explanation added.
At night the alp seeks out its most common
prey, a sleeping woman, although it has been
known to occasionally attack men and young
boys, as well as cattle, geese, horses, and rabbits.
Once the prey is selected, the alp shape- shifts
into mist and slips into the person’s home completely
undetected. Next, it sits upon the victim’s
chest and compresses the air out of their lungs so
that they cannot scream. Then the alp will drink
blood (and milk if the victim is a woman who is
lactating), which will cause her to have both horrible
nightmares and erotic dreams. The next day
the victim will have vivid memories of the attack
and be left feeling drained of energy and miserable.
The attack event in its entirety is called an
alpdrucke. It is interesting to note that if a
woman calls an alp to her, then the creature will
be a gentle lover with her.